Our joy at Metro Relief is walking with people on their journey to a new beginning.  You may have read about Todd and Michelle and their 3 kids in our most recent newsletter.  They were recently homeless and came to Metro Relief when they had no where else to turn.  We were able to help them find temporary housing and begin working with them to restore their lives.  Most importantly we gained new friends and were able to show them the hope from Jesus Christ.

Metro Relief is very thankful to The Colony and surrounding community members who poured out God’s love as they generously provided a month’s worth of rent, a vehicle, clothing, bedding, other household items, money for gas and other living expenses, and money to help them get back on their feet.   Todd and Michelle were also able to participate in Metro’s Christmas Gift, where they were able to pick out gifts to give to their children on Christmas morning.

Now, Todd and Michelle both have jobs and are looking for a more permanent and affordable place to live.  Please pray that God continues to provide for all their needs as they grow closer to Him.