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The first time I went to Ft. Worth I met Ted.  It could have been easy to miss him. He kept his head down, and seemed distant and depressed.  God led me to Ted, and every Friday since, we’ve taken baby steps to tear down the wall of hopelessness he holds on to.  Ted has no family that talks to him, and it’s hard for him to trust anyone.  When I met Ted he didn’t celebrate his birthday because it reminded him he had no one to celebrate with.  I invited him to Thanksgiving dinner last year, but he turned me down.  He told me he wasn’t good enough to eat with my family.  Recently, however, Ted has opened up to me like never before.  I am taking him out for lunch October 1st to celebrate his birthday.  He also told me he would love to come to Thanksgiving dinner this year.  He told me I am the only family he has.  It is amazing that someone I see just once a week considers me his closest family.

Jason KelleyBy Jason Kelley
Outreach Coordinator
  1. Jason,

    You, your family and Metro Relief are changing lives. Thank YOU! May God bless you and keep you!

    • We are gonna keep on keeping on as long as the need is there. It’s such a privilege to be a part of such a powerful movement of God, and working with amazing volunteers.

  2. Hello Jason & Austin,

    Jason Thank you for becoming my brother in Christ. I look foward to seeing that killer smile that warms my heart and Im sure it warms other peoples hearts as well. I wish we had the help that you guys have, if we did we might could do more than 75 sack lunches each week. Im very thankful and Blessed that God takes good care of Alma and Me 🙂 Thank you Jason for ALWAYS being so kind to us. I have all he brothers in my Promise keeper mens study group ( about 30 guys ) praying for your mom brother 🙂 Remember Roman 8:28 That all things work together for the good to them that love Jesus 🙂 Amen buddy 🙂

    Kyle & Alma

    • Brother, you are a true blessing, and a great friend. Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for offering your heart to those who don’t feel loved.

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