A treasured gift

Helping Larry, who gave me a gift.

On the bus again

Through Metro Relief I help people who are suffering from addictions to get into rehab; I also visit folks in jail, appear in court, and sponsor those going through their twelve step program. Recently, however, I had a chance to serve from the bus at Unity Park (something I rarely get to do anymore). It was a staff outreach day when everyone on staff gets to go out on the bus.

What a cool opportunity to visit with an old friend!

Some lovely ladies brought our friends some pottery to paint. There was bowls, cups and all the painting supplies that you would need. It took a little time but they became interested and started coming to participate. As they started to come to the table I recognized one of them. It was Larry! I sat down to help Larry. He was painting a cup and needed someone to hold it while he painted.

A gift to remember

Two years ago, at the same location, Larry gave me a braided bracelet on my birthday. We had arrived and Austin, our founder, shouted out to everyone that it was my birthday. They all sang happy birthday. Larry, who was sitting at the same table as me then began to look through his backpack and gave me the bracelet. At the time I was humbled that someone who didn’t have much would be willing to give me something of theirs. I still keep that gift with me.

Everyone has something to give whether it’s something big or something small, you will never know what impact that gift may give. Consider giving some of your time by volunteering or making a financial gift to our organization or staff today. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

A treasured gift
Pam De Santiago

Pamela De Santiago

Recovery Coach

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