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Leader: Logan Tate

# of volunteers typically needed: 15 total (15 adults)

What to expect:

Arrive at 8:30 am at Metro Relief. We make soup and drinks, load up socks, hygiene items, clothes, and supplies. Pack up the bus. Circle up for briefing and prayer. We leave at 10:00 am to arrive by 11:00 am to Good Samaritan Garland. Once there, we open up in prayer and then from the back half of the bus we pass out soup, drinks, snacks, and any food items that were brought. On the front of the bus we set clothes, socks, and hygiene products onto the seats in an orderly fashion, and invite our guests to come up to the bus one at a time to choose a few of these items and to get prayed for. We make ourselves available for conversation and prayer with the people there. We sometimes offer free haircuts, and always bring a basketball to play a game or two with our guests. We clean and pack up around 1:30 pm to be back at Metro Relief no later than 3:30 pm. We unload the bus, clean the bus, put away supplies, and clean soup and drink containers.

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