Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church, 2308 Cooper Dr, Dallas, TX 75212


8:30am – 3:00pm


Ché Hightower

# of volunteers typically needed:

15 total (9 adults/6 kids (under 18))

What to expect:

Arrive at 8:30am at Metro Relief.  We make soup and drinks, load up socks, hygiene items, clothes, and supplies.  Pack up the SUV.  Circle up for briefing and prayer.  We leave at 9:00am to arrive by 9:45pm to Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church.  Once there, we pass out soup, drinks, snacks and any food items that were brought.  We set clothes, socks, and hygiene products onto tables in an orderly fashion, and invite our guests to come up to choose a few of these items and to get prayed for.  We make ourselves available for conversation and prayer with the people there.  We sometimes offer free haircuts, and always bring a football or frisbee to play a game or two with the kids in the neighborhood.  While there, Serenity Church has partnered with us to provide a 30-minute church service centered on Christ and recovery.  Volunteers are more than welcome to help the church out in any way they can.  We also have a small team that goes out to the car washes and bus stops in the neighborhood where we pass out flyers, snacks, and a drink, and we invite people from these locations to come to the church.  We clean and pack up around 12:15pm to be back at Metro Relief no later than 1:00pm. We unload the SUV,  put away supplies, and clean soup and drink containers.

Date(s) - 3/3/18
8:30 am-3:00 pm

Metro Relief DFW

Volunteers Needed

We currently need 15 volunteers.


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