I would have never expected to see what I saw this past Friday when we went to Fort Worth. The number of people who came out with us to serve on Good Friday was just overwhelming. My daughter, Brianna, and her best friend (Jason’s daughter) Emily, were with us as we were planning a special service to serve the homeless by washing their feet. Based off of John 13 we wanted to show how we are no better than them.

For me it is kind of a weird experience to have someone you work with wash your feet and Jason and Suzanne did just that the day before during our Thursday staff meeting. We played some music as this was being done and the Spirit just fell on that place and it turned into a two and half hour prayer and praise worship service. The song by Kari Jobe “Forever” really broke us as a group and put more meaning into what was going on in my perspective.

On Friday, about half way through the outreach Suzanne came to me and told me my twelve year old daughter, Brianna, was washing the feet of one of the women from the streets. I was overcome by emotion to see this selfless act and also to see her do something I hadn’t done that day. It wasn’t because I thought I was better, it was because I felt overwhelmed by how many people we had and felt responsible to try to keep up with them.

We washed 26 people’s feet that day and over all, people were amazed at the whole experience. A guy named Jackie really liked it because he got a new pair of shoes that day along with the new socks.

This is only the beginning of what we want to do on the outreaches as far as teaching and discipling goes. Many turned us down because they thought since they had a shower that day they didn’t need their feet washed. We tried to explain that was not the purpose but maybe as we keep doing these things they will come to understand. Pray for us as we look to step more into the discipleship mode with our friends.