Christmas is just a few more days away, and we’re excited to share with you the last week’s Advent theme: LOVE. Metro Relief is all about showing love, day in, day out, all year long, to our friends living on the streets.

We believe in second, third and fourth chances. That’s because we also believe in life transformation and loving kindness to others. We walk alongside people speaking truth into their lives in order to help them change and grow. 

Our outreach leaders go the extra mile for those on the streets. If someone needs to be taken to get medical care, vital documents or attend an orientation meeting about housing, our team goes. Even when they should be off on holiday, they go because our friends on the streets have no one else to take them.

As we reflect on Christ’s love this week, please help us share this love with people experiencing homelessness. If you haven’t had a chance to give yet, know that $25 a month provides on-the-go case management and discipleship to someone who needs a second chance.