Join the SQUAD

Would you consider partnering with us as a monthly SQUAD member? Our SQUAD helps make a difference in the lives of the least of these. Monthly gifts of any amount help us in our immediate, urgent and ongoing needs in the following ways:
  • $10 = provide immediate food, water and hygiene items
  • $25 = weekly support to help a person overcoming barriers to getting off the streets
  • $60 = vital documents for two people
  • $100 = provide long-distance transportation each month to get someone back to family
  • $300 = tank of fuel for the bus
  • $500 = fuel and supply a full bus outreach every month, serving a total of around 2,400 people
  • $1000 = ten nights of emergency shelter in a hotel

As a monthly SQUAD member you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with late, breaking news and special event notices.