A Young Mother’s Amazing Transformation

Brandi, a young single mom, reached out to Metro Relief about 3 years ago. She was at one of the lowest emotional points of her life and was ready to make a change. Her newborn baby had been released from the hospital into foster care. Brandi’s continued custody of her daughter, Jade, had been contingent on her sobriety. Brandi decided to complete a 90 day, in-patient rehabilitation program. She faithfully attended every class and every CPS appointment and family meeting.

She has maintained long-term sobriety, has held the same job for 2.5 years and is renting her own home. Because of Brandi’s teachable attitude and her willingness to do whatever it takes, Jade was returned to her mama and is a happy, healthy thriving 3-year-old girl. Brandi was baptized and joined her church where she serves in the children’s department. Her transformation has been amazing. We are so proud of her accomplishments.

It’s rare that we meet someone with her drive and determination to change the shape of her future and the future of her family. We are more than happy and honored to help her get back on her feet and regain self-sufficiency.

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