Metro Relief is honored to team up with Young Men’s Service League, an organization that encourages young men and their mothers to pursue philanthropic involvement in their community, providing an opportunity to enhance those mother/son relationships while helping others.  A group of young men and their mother’s joined us on an outreach to South Dallas this summer to feed the hungry and comfort those who were on the street.

One of The Colony YMSL moms, Lori Klimek, shared the following: “Yesterday when Nick and I were helping at Metro Relief in South Dallas, I was surrounded by people who have been through addiction and seen things and been through things no one should ever witness, but they found Glory in God and in our ministry. Watching them stand, sing and praise Jesus for the miracles he performs daily on their lives, one of them said, ‘Every day is a miracle and I thank Jesus every morning I awake and take my first breath.’”