Tonight my heart is both full and troubled

I spent the better part of today with Metro Relief in Fort Worth. We took quite a few bowls that had been left over from Whimsey and Grace into Unity Park and set up an opportunity for the homeless to create art. THEY LOVED IT!

Many made comments about how long it had been since they’ve created anything. Another lady reminisced about how as a young girl she’d painted pottery with her Mom, before her life unraveled. She was melancholy as she shared the memory. On her bowl she paid tribute to her mom and painted her mom’s name on it…”in loving memory of my Mom, Verna XXX”. She was very proud of her efforts. It was beautiful. It was windy today. Lauren shared how much she disliked the wind, She disliked it because on windy days her tent either blew away or got damaged. It made life even more difficult. Larry told us he loved to create art when he lived in the woods for over 10 years, using whatever materials he could find. Now that he lived in a house he looked forward to drawing art again. Go Larry!  MetroRelief fed them, ministered to them, distributed hygiene kits and prayed for and with them. I was honored to be invited to join them. While I have supported them and shared a few resources with MetroRelief over the years, what I recieved today was beyond measure. I’ve spent the afternoon/ evening wondering if, or how to share my experience today with friends and family. It was just to good to keep to myself.

Tonight I’m in my warm bed, with a full tummy. My heart is heavy for Lauren. It’s raining heavily and very windy. How is her tent holding up?