Interested in conducting a sock drive with Metro Relief?

Your church can participate in a variety of ways this year:

Option # 1: Host an at-church/in-person sock drive

This is the traditional method of conducting a sock drive for those attending church in person. You set the timeframe for your sock drive – whatever best fits into your church calendar. (Socks for those experiencing homelessness are needed year- round.) Your first step would be to contact Metro Relief to let us know about your drive – our team of volunteers will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Once you have decided on a timeframe for your sock drive, your second step would be for you to publicize the initiative through in-house communication channels and social media. As your drive begins, congregants can physically bring a package of new socks to church to donate. To facilitate the sock collection, your third step would be to set up bins or boxes in designated locations around the church campus. Also, consider having a drop box for after hours donations.

At the conclusion of your drive, your fourth step is to contact Metro Relief once again to arrange for the transfer of the socks:

• You can choose to deliver or ship the socks to Metro Relief.

• If prearranged, one of our volunteers might be able to pick up the socks at your location.

• The Metro Relief team is happy to come in person to help promote your drive or provide video taped messages from our Outreaches, inviting your members to give.

Option # 2: Host a VIRTUAL sock drive

This year, with the COVID-19 restrictions, we are providing a way in which to host a sock drive virtually. Your members may feel more comfortable participating in this manner. As your church’s situation changes, this option can be combined with Option # 1. To make this easy, here is a link for Metro Relief’s Socktober Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3TYB2DF9BA2YG?ref_=wl_share