Austin Bonds
Austin BondsFounder and CEO
Austin Bonds, Metro Relief’s Founder, was serving with New York City Relief when God gave him a vision for future ministry: to take the Relief Bus model of homeless ministry developed at NYC Relief and replicate it in major cities across the United States. He has been sharing and helping to replicate the model for the past 10 years. When not replicating the Bus he has been multiplying his family. Austin has four kids ranging from first grade to a senior in high school with Darcy, who he has been married to for 21 years. Austin enjoys music, Metro Relief donors and anything outdoors.
Katie Besly
Katie BeslyCreative Opportunities Officer
Katie has served Metro Relief for the past two years as our fearless fundraiser. She is passionate about helping our volunteers, donors, and partnering businesses and churches stay connected to the mission and vision of Metro Relief. She’s a DFW native, a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, and special needs mom. She’s been married to Mr. Besly for the last 22 years. She LOVES to connect with our supporters and build community with our super fans.
Victor Velez
Victor VelezDFW Executive Director
Victor manages and oversees all operations of the organization. He is honored to lead a team of outstanding people, whose number one goal is to get as many people off the streets that we possibly can. He is originally from Brooklyn, NY. He has been married to Maria for 25 years and has a wonderful son, Jacob.
Melissa McCombs
Melissa McCombsDirector of Finance and Outreach Case Manager
Melissa joined the staff at Metro Relief in July 2020. She has been serving with Metro Relief in a volunteer capacity for the past five years and is ecstatic to be joining the team full-time. Her new role includes being the Director of Finance and a Outreach Case Manager. Melissa is passionate about serving others and helping to get them homed! Melissa has been married to her husband Marshall for 25 years and has three children.
Logan Tate
Logan TateOutreach Director
Logan has been working at Metro Relief for three years. He makes sure the bus runs smoothly and the volunteers have a life changing experience. He is also a case manager who works on getting people home, and out of their current situation!
Stacy Kennedy
Stacy KennedyOffice Manager
Stacy has been with Metro Relief for seven years. She wears several hats behind the scenes, to help support those out in the mission field and the growth of the organization. Stacy is mom to six adopted boys. She loves spending time with her family and friends.
Samuel Leavitt
Samuel LeavittOutreach Leader
Samuel joined the outreach staff at Metro Relief in November 2020. His heart is to share the love of Jesus Christ to all people, volunteers, and our friend’s on the street. Samuel is passionate about evangelism, faith, mental-health, recovery, theology and finding solutions to complex problems. Born in Columbus, OH but, raised in Dallas/Fort-Worth; He loves to serve people from his hometown in any way he can. Samuel’s testimony of all God has done for him is what fuels his passionate commitment to serve everyday!
Sue Kovar-Love
Sue Kovar-LoveData Analyst Volunteer
Sue is a loyal volunteer who happens to be a data genius. She helps Metro Relief by using her gifts with our data management. She worked for 30 years for Frito Lay who encouraged their employees to volunteer in the community whenever possible, it was there that she found her passion to serve. Sue is married to Ronnie. She has two grown children, 11 grandchildren and dogs, dogs and more dogs.