I met Clive in downtown Dallas about two years ago. Without medication, he couldn’t control his epileptic seizures. People were stealing from him whenever he had one, and he couldn’t protect himself. He needed a phone to arrange doctor’s appointments and refill his prescriptions. So, I gave him a phone. Once he was managing his epilepsy, I started helping him document and verify his homelessness so he could apply for permanent housing. He needed a lot of encouragement to keep persevering through this process.

Last week, I got this text from him:

“Hey buddy, I finally got to move in today. I don’t know how to act. I was at the end of my rope but God gave me a break just before I broke so to speak. I just wanted you to know. You’ve been the biggest moral support I’ve had. You’ve given me hope.”

Clive got his housing. And that’s how I know that you are essential to our unsheltered friends. Without you, there would be no Metro Relief at all. No supporters to keep the buses fueled. No volunteers to serve soup on outreaches. No prayer partners to pray over our homeless friends’ needs. You are so very essential.

Outreach Director