A young woman in her thirties came to the Bus for the first time several weeks ago. She was unkept, unbathed, and unaccompanied. Her name was Scarlett. She didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Instead, she kept her head down, letting her hair fall over her face. I went to sit with her and strike up a conversation. I asked what had brought her to Dallas. Scarlett replied it was a crack cocaine addiction that led her here. For nine years, she’d been on the streets, prostituting herself to anyone, for any amount of money, in order to feed her habit. My heart broke for her. My mind was overwhelmed with thoughts of what God’s perspective of that moment must have been. His beautiful girl…the one whom He had so lovingly created…was being crushed by addiction, poverty, and abuse. I could barely get out the words, “Scarlett, I am here to help you if you want out.”

She left the streets that day with our staff and entered into detox and rehab the next day. Not a day has passed since meeting her that I haven’t prayed for Scarlett. I pray that she’ll stick with the recovery process. I pray that she’ll leave her old hurts and hang-ups behind. But most of all, I pray that Scarlett will see God’s love, grace, and liberation behind our meeting at the Metro Relief Bus that day and that she’ll give her life over to Him.

Logan Tate
Bus Outreach Director