[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I met a homeless man who told me a real-life story that happened to him, and it moved me to write about it…

Be thankful for what you have

A few days ago, this man, who wanted to stay anonymous, was walking to a grocery store to get some food items that he didn’t have.  He is an older man, and his legs are in great pain.  He’s got arthritis, and it hurts to walk anywhere.  He tries not to complain about it much, but the rainy weather on this day made his legs hurt even more than usual.

As he walked through the front doors of the store, he couldn’t help but express some of the frustration he had with his legs.  He didn’t want to cause a scene, but he just wasn’t happy that God had allowed his legs to hurt so bad.

While complaining out loud to himself, he overheard someone behind him say something in his direction.  The unknown voice behind him had the nerve to ask, “Hey, when your done with those legs, will you give them to me?”  About to respond harshly at the owner of the voice, the man turned abruptly and immediately noticed the person who asked the question had no legs.  Almost immediately, the homeless man praised God for the legs he still had…pain and all.

Lesson learned

He finished the story by telling me he realized that even though he was homeless, he had everything he needed.  He praised God again right in front of me.  Often times, it’s those who have the least who teach us the greatest lessons in life.
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Jason Kelley

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