Saturday we had the largest group of volunteers I’ve seen go out with us. We could have used the new bus if it was ready. Each stop is getting busier and we need to spend more time at those stops. We have a crammed packed schedule of stops each Saturday and this past Saturday was no exception. We had a great team go to the church and out to the car wash as well.

If they didn’t get enough excitement at the outreaches then maybe they did on the way home. Part of the cool thing with me driving the bus is that Jason gets to pull out his guitar and do a little worshiping to and from the outreaches. This past Saturday I think we had the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir with us. It was some awesome worship. Just as Jason started to sing his hit song “God Only Knows” the grey water tank dropped down and was only being held by the PVCĀ pipe in the top of it. I could hear it and there was no place to pull over at the time. We had just gotten on Woodall Rogers Fwy. when this happened and we got off the highway around the American Airlines Center.

Their were a couple of cars following us that were with the group and called someone on the bus to let us know what was going on. We managed to fix it temporarily for the ride home but today when we pulled it out to fix it thinking we would have to replace the tank at a cost of $200. Dean informed us we could fix it for less than $25. What a blessing it is to have Dean Duggar around to help us.