ATHENS, GREECE - SUMMER 2024 June 20-30

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We believe in reaching beyond our own neighbourhoods with action and compassion. We believe our approach and process works across borders for all people. Join us on one of our opportunities to work with international projects.

ATHENS, GREECE - SUMMER 2024 June 20-30

JULY 1-10 2024

ATHENS, GREECE - SUMMER 2024 June 20-30

Join us in this ancient city. The gateway to Europe. This is a remarkable context for international homeless mission - firstly to serve some of the most broken peoples on the planet as they journey from various nations towards Europe due to persecution, economic depravity and the ravages of war. Metro Relief  will give you the opportunity to directly engage refugee peoples from the various camps surrounding Athens and to serve them at their point of need. 

More than 75,000 refugees and migrants are trapped in Greece due to sealed borders across the so-called Balkan route and the March 2016 deal between Turkey and the European Union, which was sculpted to stem the flow of displaced people to Europe.

ATHENS, GREECE - SUMMER 2024 June 20-30

In one of the migrant and refugee designated areas in central Athens, a remarkable beacon of hope exists. 

We will participate in playing alongside taking refugee children in local parks, serving the refugee homeless community with a daily walk that includes feeding and encouragement. 

We will host international meals and serve Refugees on the fringe of society throughout the city.

We will worship in cross cultural settings and visit amazing biblical sights from the New Testament. 

Metro Relief is offering the opportunity for you to join the team for 9 days a month, a summer placement or possibly a gap year. 

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Summer 2024 July 20-30

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$2950 per person

Flights, Accommodation, Daily Food, Local Excursion, Transit, Insurance. (The Thessaloniki/Philippi Pilgrimage will cost an additional $250) Contact Bryan Doyle for more details or call 469-452-9336 (Central time) 

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Athens, Greece

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